Service Level I – Bronze

The Bronze Service Level is designed for clients interested in strategies that address specific areas of concern. The advisor is compensated by the product sponsor through commissions.*

Service Level II – Silver: managed assets for $100,001 to $250,000

The beginning of the Financial Planning services, this level is designed for clients with a desire to have an ongoing relationship with a Financial Planner. Advisor compensation is primarily through fees.

Service Level III – Gold: managed assets of $250,001 to $500,000

Gold Service continues the spirit of the previous levels, offering an increased level of attention and sophistication in Financial Planning with more contact and hands-on association with your Financial Planner. Advisor compensation is primarily through fees.

Service Level IV – Platinum: managed assets of more than $500,001

Your highest level of service at DLA & Company, Platinum incorporates all previous service levels and features additional sophistication to asset management, estate planning and advisor contact. The advisor is compensated primarily through fees.


*Advisor compensation is primarily through fees for Silver, Gold and Platinum levels. Commission-based strategies may be utilized at any level.